Manage Cookies

I want to have a say in which cookies are created in my computer's cookie folder, but I don't like the alerts—is there a way to stop the annoying alerts?

Steps to setting preferences on Internet Explorer 6
Make sure you have installed the latest service pack. Check here if you haven't yet installed the latest service pack.

* Click 'File' on your browser's tool bar
* Click 'Tools'
* Click 'Internet Options'
* Click the 'Privacy' tab
* Slide the privacy level preference bar depending on the level of privacy you would like your browser to use in regard to cookies—both first and third party cookies.
* Click 'Ok' to exit privacy preferences.

To test the privacy policies, if any, enforced by the website or page you are viewing, do this:

* Click 'File' on the browser tool bar
* Click 'View'
* Click 'Privacy Report'

This will display a box indicating content that Internet Explorer considers to be cookies and web beacons, and what actions Internet Explorer has taken based on the privacy preferences that you have set in your browser. If you click on 'Edit,' you will be able to set site-specific privacy preferences.

Set preferences on Netscape 7