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About Your Web Browser

What information needs to be shared in order for a web page to be created for me?

Each request for content involves the sharing of the following information, together with any cookie information:

IP Address - this is the address or location of your computer. It stands for Internet Protocol Address. Whenever there is a request for online content two IP addresses are involved.

First is the IP address of the server where the content is stored, and second is your IP address - the computer to which content is to be delivered.

What is a Web address?

An address usually has "http" included (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol). This is the format most commonly used to transfer documents on the web.

This part of the request is shared as it may indicate to the server storing content the type and version of the browser to which content is to be sent. It may also identify the type and version of the operating system that is being used.

This is important for ensuring that the content you have requested is compatible with, and can be seen by, your browser.