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Third Party Ad Serving

In this video you will see how websites use third party ad servers using cookies and banner ads to display ads.

Websites use ad servers for banner advertising, the adservers are provided by third party companies.

These companies look after the ads so that website owners can recover some costs, or sell products online. Click below to watch the video.

www.website.com wants to display advertising on its website to defray its costs.

They contract with www.financescotland.com to show banner ads for their product.

www.financescotland.com provide www.website.com with a banner ad for their site.

www.website.com loads banner ad onto www.bannerad.com's server from where it will be delivered to www.website.com's web page.

They contract with www.bannerad.com to provide an outsourced ad delivery and reporting service.

This third party ad serving company.

www.bannerad.com provide www.website.com with code to install on correct page on their website that will request the page on which the banner ad is to be shown.

www.website.com insert the code into the relevant page of their website.

User requests web page: www.website.com.

www.website.com (http header, IP address).

Server for www.website.com delivers content to user.

www.bannerad.com (http header, IP address).

Server for www.bannerad.com sends cookie ID 0001 to user.

User Requests web page www.safemotherhood.org.

www.safemotherhood.org - first party site - also has a contract with www.bannerad.com - third party ad serving company to deliver ads to their website.

Server for www.bannerad.com sends cookie ID 0001 and the banner ad is delivered to user.

Server for www.fashion.com delivers the content to the user.

www.bannerad.com now knows that cookie ID 0001 visited www.website.com and www.fashion.com as well as knowing which banner ads were shown to that cookie ID on each site.