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AllAboutCookies.org - FAQ Section

What is an IP address?

The IP Address is a unique number assigned to your computer connection by your home or office or employer's Internet Service Provider (ISP). This unique number serves as the ID of your connection when it's accessing the Internet.

It functions like your street address—if someone wants to send you mail or you order a pizza, your address is needed for the postman or delivery person to find your home. The same process applies to your computer, your IP address is used to route information from the Internet to your computer.

Depending on the type of ISP service agreement you have, the IP Address is assigned to your computer's connection on a provisional basis and usually changes whenever you reboot your router.

An IP Address is a way to measure a user's unique identity. It is a number that is allocated to your browser by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or employer, when you log on to the internet.

It is usually allocated on a temporary (or dynamic) basis ie it is only allocated to your browser for the duration of that session online.

It is the 'address' of your computer while you are online. Without an IP address, servers would not be able to deliver content to you, because they would not be able to locate your computer.