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Manage Cookies

How do I Prevent, Clear or Delete cookies being installed on my Internet Explorer 3.0 browser?

In Internet Explorer 3.0:

* Go to the 'View' menu
* Click 'Options'
* Click 'Advanced'
* Check the box that says 'Warn before accepting cookies'
* Find and go into your cookies directory (usually c:\windows\cookies)
* Erase all files in that directory

Once you erase the files, all your cookies are gone, and you will be notified by your browser each time a website attempts to install a cookie in your computer. You are given the choice by the prompt to accept or cancel the cookie installation.

Prevent cookie installation on other browsers

Netscape Navigator 3.0
Netscape 4.0+
Netscape 6.0+
Firefox 2.0+ / 3.0+ / 4.0+/8.0+
Internet Explorer 3.0
Internet Explorer 4.0
Internet Explorer 5.0+
Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0+
Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0+
Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0+
Google Chrome

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