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Manage Cookies

How do I remove Flash cookies being installed on my browser?

How to delete flash cookies

Flash-based websites will invariably plant 'flash cookies' (also called Locally Shared Objects or LSOs) on your computer. A flash cookie is able to handle more complex information than a browser cookie and is able to pass information across the different browser types you may have installed on your computer.

There are many bona fide uses of flash cookies. Banks for example might use a flash cookie to recognise your computer and thus add a extra level of security to your account.

However the use of flash cookies can also be abused and be invasive of your privacy and surfing habits.

Best Way to Reduce Flash Cookies

Use the guide below to help you reduce your exposure to this risk.

The best way to prevent flash cookies from being planted in your system is to manage them globally through Adobe's main LSO management site at www.macromedia.com

The LSO management screen you'll see is not a screenshot but an actual flash element you can use to set your browser's LSO management settings.

Keep in mind that deleting all LSOs and requiring fresh LSO downloads every time you visit a Flash-enhanced site might slow page operations a little bit

When you go to a Flash-enabled site, you will get a notification asking your permission to download Flash elements.

To delete existing LSOs you might have in your system, click the tab on the right side labeled "Website Storage Settings". You will see a list of websites. Click 'Delete Website' or Delete All Sites.

Latest versions of Adobe Flash Player when used with the privacy settings of the latest browsers will clear flash cookies automatically at the end of each session.