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Review Avira AntiVir Premium 2012

This is AllAboutCookies independent review of Avira AntiVir Premium 2012 edition.

Avira AntiVir Premium 2012 is among the best PC antivirus programs for 2012. It simply carries on a heritage of the Avira name as a world leader in PC security software it has enjoyed over recent years. It is loaded with practical features that when combined with a price in the $24 - $30 range, offers one of the best price-performance value for a product of its kind in the market today.


The Avira AntiVir Premium 2012 comes with basic scanning features to protect your desktop and laptops from worms, Trojans viruses and malware in general. Among the standout features in this version is its proactive protection against phishing, infected email attachments, detection of undefined, malicious websites, and infected traffic to your PC while online. It will also alert you from downloading files and software from untrusted websites.

The protection engine behind the Avira AntiVir Premium 2012 uses a database of virus footprint and will update automatically on a regular basis to ensure users have the most up-to-date virus definitions protect your from any new threat.

But more importantly, because not all new viruses are identified right away, the Avira AntiVir Premium 2012 uses a proprietary Advanced Heuristics Analysis and Detection (AHeAD) algorithm that protects PCs from about 90% of online threats. Heuristic protection starts when the threat has yet to be identified and is not part of the regular database updates for the usual scanning process to identify and eliminate. The engine monitors and analyses file and program behavior to determine if it is malicious. Once suspected, it will remedy the situation. AHeAD also has the ability not to mistake a non-threatening program or file from malicious ones which are often mistakes classified as false positives. This has been shown in countless tests administered by independent 3rd party antivirus labs like AV Comparatives and Virus Bulletin, among others.

The most useful feature of the program is its real-time protection where all files are automatically scanned prior to opening or saving in a download. This is basic to ensuring that potential virus does not infect the PC. There’s no need for users to worry about any threat while a new file is saved or opened in your PC.

Lastly, the Avira AntiVir Premium 2012 can create bootable rescue disk that comes in handy in times when the PC has become infected with a malignant virus that blocks any attempt to install an antivirus program or renders the PC unresponsive.

Installation and Set-up

The installation process is fairly straightforward and simple with an express installation to make non-technical savvy users breeze through installation faster. Express installation puts all configuration options to default standard setting which should protect the PC without noticeably compromising your PC performance. In addition, the Avira site has excellent aftersales technical service to assist you should you encounter any problem installing or using the product.

User Interface

The program’s graphical user interface is designed for user-friendly navigation and operation. With just a single mouse click you can fix any problem in your PC with possible links to a virus infection. The program runs in the background with the least obtrusiveness while hogging the least resources, updating its database and protecting you against threats. And while the default setting is adequate for your protection it has enough customizable features to allow experienced and tech-savvy users to configure the program to their specific requirements.

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