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Avira AntiVir Personal Edition 2012

The Avira's AntiVir Personal Edition (build for 2012 one of the most popular anti-virus programs that you can get for free. It's comprehensive, easy to use, and is available for UNIX and Windows. Although free anti-virus programs are generally less reliable and effective compared with paid ones, they are still good solutions to help keep your PCs and laptops virus- and infection-free.

If you're low on budget and are looking for a free anti-virus program to keep your computer safe, Avira's AntiVir Personal Edition is one of the programs worth checking out.

Features Of Avira AntiVir Personal Edition

The AntiVir Personal Edition 2012 retains the functional features of its predecessor which includes scanning your PC and removing more than 150,000 known viruses, along with other harmful codes like worms, viruses, hoaxes, bots, Trojans, and dialers. The software does this by monitoring all the actions executed by the user, and checking if the user has stumbled upon any malicious programs and infected files. Its Virus Guard algorithm monitors file movements allowing it detect malicious code from internet traffic going to your PC.

The AntiVir Personal Edition 2012 continues to enjoy a Control Center that users can easily access to monitor, administer, and control the program's functions. This central configuration makes it easier for users to choose standard and advanced options in conducting system scans, while providing context-sensitive help such as term and function definitions.

The program's On-Demand Scan feature is profile-controlled and conducts customizable searches for all types of malware, viruses, and infections. Unlike other anti-virus programs, It remains integrated into the Windows Vista User Account Control, so you are not restricted from carrying out tasks that require administrator rights.

This also means that if you place restrictions and controls on web browsing, you don't have to create another username and password to access the Internet. Avira AntiVir has an On-Access Scan feature enables continuous monitoring of all user attempts to access files. It also has an integrated quarantine management method that isolates suspicious files before they're processed and checked.

The program also has the ability to scan 30 different compressed and archived file types to detect and check for Trojans and viruses. If the program finds any malware, you will be prompted and asked if the program should repair or delete the infected files found.

Apart from gaining a 20% faster scanning, several functions in the new version have been simplified. The Quarantine Manager gets fewer columns and can send notifications over the web. Its configuration panel now sports a “default” button to restore factory settings. It comes with added protection that covers adware, rootkits ,malware , phishing and spyware and a one-click QuickRemoval process after a demand scan. Registry entries for its AntiVir keys are now protected against virus registry alterations. Apart from able to scan locked files, it can now scan under multiprocessor PCs for high performance scanning of multiple files can with improved disinfecting algorithm.

Is Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Easy To Install And Setup

It's recommended that you first close all running applications before you start installing Avira AntiVir Personal Edition. Also, make sure that you don't have other anti-virus programs installed in your machine because some of AntiVir Personal's components may interfere with those of other anti-virus programs. An Internet connection is also needed when installing Avira AntiVir Personal Edition if you want to register online as part of the installation process.

New to this edition is using use registry keys and an installation folder that is uniform across Avira AntiVir products that include its paid Premium and Premium Security Suite. In addition, it now comes with a configuration panel after installation along with the usual customizable, user-defined installation process wherein you can choose the components you want to install or exclude. This user-defined installation allows users to choose whether or not they want to install the following components: AntiVir Personal Module, AntiVir Guard, Rootkit Detection, and Shell Extension.

And should you need further help in installing or using the system, you get a free online support via the AntiVir Bulletin Board.

Is Avira AntiVir Personal Edition User Interface Easy To Use

Avira's AntiVir Personal Edition program interface is easy to navigate. On the main window, you'll see the current status of the mailguard and anti-virus engines as well the details of your last virus definition update. You can easily go to the program's different sections such as mailguard, scheduler, scanner, reports, and quarantine, because they have separate tabs wherein you can alter each feature's settings.

New for 2012 is its support for the reduced screen resolution in netbooks, new default setting button in the configuration panel, a system tray icon for displaying protection status on mouse over, and a renaming of the “Win32 Heuristics” on the configuration with the same AHeaD on its paid premium edition. (50)

Many user-generated reviews say that if you want to rid yourself of the hassle of manual scanning, you have to set up a scheduled scan on the main window's Scheduler tab. Avira AntiVir Personal doesn't automatically set a scanning schedule, so you'll have to set the desired time and frequency for system scans.

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