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Review BullGuard Antivirus 12

This is AllAboutCookies independent review of Bullguard Antivirus 12 edition.

BullGuard Antivirus 12 stands out in the industry for its excellent antispamware tools, several impressive early-detection facilities, an appealing user interface and a customer service that is among the best.

These accolades won’t bring the program at the top of the heap but the antivirus software does what it promises to do in most situations when your PC needs the most effective protection.


The BullGuard antivirus software is architected not only to eliminate existing infections on your PC, it also prevents future infection. It detects, identifies, blocks and removes a wide range of spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms, and rootkits. It regularly scans your hard disk and memory to check against its database of virus signatures and remove them. It also protects your PC when surfing online to filter spam, keep your email inbox clean and other potentially malicious content in web traffic coming to your PC.

This product gives high priority to early detection. BullGuard uses a proprietary file behavior-based detection algorithm to identify viruses even before they become part of the updates in its virus signature database. The technology proactively identifies potential viruses based on abnormal associated registry entries, network events and file processes before they can do any zero-day attacks, usually with new OS installations when security patches have yet to be made.

Another early detection tool is its Safe Browsing facility that is integral to its anti-phishing module. The Safe Browsing feature works by flagging URLs suspected of malware origination when they appear in search results from Yahoo, Google, and Bing. This prevents you from visiting potentially malicious sites, downloading infected files from them or getting tricked into providing personal information to these sites.

Installation and Set-up

This antivirus program is easier and faster to install than most other similar products in the market. The installation process starts with a notification-level option where you set the program to notify you about any and all activities or do so only when needed. As a non-technical user, you may not want to be notified of every detail that BullGuard does in its protection process. By default, BullGuard antivirus automatically checks for new virus signatures and updates your database accordingly every two hours. You can opt to manually initiate the checking at any time by clicking on the Check for Updates button on the interface.

Should you encounter any installation or configuration problems, BullGuard offers impressive technical support. Register at its website and you get an account with a message center where your received updates directly from BullGuard. Emailed questions are responded to within an hour while more urgent concerns are attended to via a live chat with its professional team.

User Interface

The program uses a simples user interface is easily understood and user-friendly enough for even novice PC users to get through. The striking main page aesthetics use predominantly red-and-white graphics that stand out to help you navigate and activate its functional features with a basic menu options for Spam filter, Antivirus, and Support.

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