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Review G Data AntiVirus 2012

This is AllAboutCookies independent review of G Data AntiVirus 2012 edition.

G Date leverages more than 20 years in the IT application security business to become a respected name in the industry. As a simple, easy to use and competent high value security software, its G Data AV 2012 is considered one of the best antivirus PC solutions in the market.


The G Data antivirus software does not presume to be a full internet security product, but with its comprehensive feature set, it does get quite close. Apart from providing a basic antivirus and antispyware protection, it offers a complete web protection engine against phishing scams, adware, scareware, Trojans, rootkits, malicious scripts, dialers, malware and worms, to mention the more common ones.

It comes equipped with advanced protection from malware coming through infected emails and live chats. It even scans outbound email for viruses and other malware so you don’t get blacklisted by your recipients.

You can consider G data as stripped of the bells and whistles in many other equally competent antivirus products. At its $29.99 price point, it has no silent gamer mode, password protected settings, laptop battery or saving mode, but the program has a practical wealth of extra features that enable it to do a competent antivirus and malware protection.

One outstanding feature that is an “extra” is its dual scanning DoubleScan technology that is unique in the industry to give G Data unmatched protection levels. The feature allows it to consistently provide maximum protection by using a couple of distinct virus scanning algorithms that pick up an infection that the first pass could have missed. And this is done without imposing any computing overhead to slow down your PC. In fact, the dual scanning process is fairly speedy and uses minimal computing resources quite efficiently

There is certainly an overlap between two scanning engines and you are essentially using two antivirus programs for the price of one. But whether single or dual, the program hinges its efficacy on getting an updated virus signature database. This is done every hour in the background. The updating is small enough to have no adverse impact on processing speed so users won’t ever notice.it. You have the configuration option to get this done automatically or manually. One other impressive feature is its self-learning whitelisting and fingerprinting that enables the software to automatically detect and analyze files if they create a threat now or in the future.

Installation and Setup

The software is available only through a purchased online download and the entire installation process is a breeze, taking under 10 minutes on a modern PC and only requires a single restart. You can install with a default setting so you can take a nap while installing or you can customize the install with additional settings for scheduling background scans and updates.

For installation and usage support, G Data AntiVirus offers the traditional in-program tutorial and help files with searchable topics. You can also visit its website to use an online support form. In times when you need to talk directly to a professional, you can call them up using an emergency phone line for real time assistance. Unfortunately, there are no support community forums or live chat support.

User Interface

G Data’s antivirus software is remarkably simple in its presentation and among the most user-friendly in the market. The simplified user interface puts most of the functionalities in its main dashboard for quick and easy access. The main screen displays an easy to understand security status view with one-click access to any feature to solve any problem. Novice and non-techie users who just need a basic anti-virus protection that can do its job effectively without much fuss or intervention will have no problem allowing G Data to run with its factory default settings unobtrusively in the background. On the other hand, advanced users or the overly meticulous will delight using the program with its manually customizable settings to tinker and monitor its performance.

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