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Review Immunet Protect FREE 3.0

This is AllAboutCookies independent review of Immunet Protect FREE 3.0 edition.

Immunet Protect 3.0 from Sourcefire, an open-source security company that also produces ClamAV, may be relatively a young player in the PC security industry, but it certainly has the arsenal to do the job. And it’s a freeware. So while it is only reasonable not to expect it to perform as well as the commercial specimens in the market, the software does a decent basic job to do what an anti-virus program is designed to do, with some really practical and pioneering surprises to make the effort of downloading and installing well worth the time.


Immunet Protect 3.0 can be considered as one of the security pioneers on three fronts. First, it inherits the original cloud-based protection of its predecessors. It provides real-time detection from its Immunet cloud that it brands as Collective Immunity™ to protect you against spyware, worms, bots, viruses,, Trojans, and keyloggers. This cloud-based protection renders downloading of virus signature files to update your antivirus database unnecessary since there are no databases to update. The database resides remotely in the cloud. That means you can expect the program to have no administrative overhead to slow down your PC during such downloads or take up more hard disk space than is necessary.

Second, it uses a community based security algorithm and is the first antivirus program designed to protect not just you but also your friends in the social network for free. You only need to add your friends in the Immunet Community directly from your Immunet software and monitor their protection status online. The concept is admirable since it minimizes your risk that your social friends could infect you with a virus when interacting with them and their files online.

Thirdly, it demolishes the prevalent wisdom that running multiple antivirus programs concurrently (two or more at the same time) doesn’t hack it. Immunet Free AV trumpets this feature that allows you to use the program alone or as a supplement to your paid antivirus program. It is compatible with AVG, Avast!, Avira, Norton, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essential, Trend Micro, K7 and other security products which you can find out at its website. With small footprint, Immunet Free AV adds a layer of protection that harnesses its cloud-computing an community based detection for those virus that may have escaped primary detection since traditional antivirus systems are known to detect no more than 80% of threats.

In short, Immunet adds its three pioneering features to plug potential security holes on your current antivirus program. Needless to say, these features require that you’re online to get their benefits. But that doesn’t mean you cannot obtain offline protection as well.

In addition, Immunet Protect provides the ideal solution for users who frequently go online when doing work, especially laptop users online as the program has a very low computer resource footprint which is 35 times lower than most antivirus programs. Modern antivirus products occupy between 100mb and 350mb of hard disk space while Immunet only takes up 10mb. Immunet 3.0 scanning speeds range from 2 to 5 megabytes per second, eats only 15 MB when idle and nearly 40 Mb while scanning, and takes about 13% CPU resources while scanning. These figures are certainly among the lightest among free antivirus products. In addition, cloud computing speeds provide fast and responsive real-time protection against more than 13 million known viruses and thousands of new discoveries daily

Installation and Set-up

Once downloaded, Immunet Free AV is a breeze to install with its default settings. It completes the process in just under a minute as it occupies only 10mb of hard disk space. It supports MS Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. Once installed, you can manually choose from three scan options: Full system scan which is recommended for the first time, Flash Scan for application process and recent registry changes, and Custom Scan for specific directories and files.

Should you encounter problems in the installation and configuration, the Immunet site has a 24x7 toll-free customer support for all Immunet FREE Antivirus users 24 hours a day. Call 1-866-891-4480 and you get to talk to a professional Immunet Support representative who can help with installation and protection issues including computer performance issues.

User Interface

With a simple and user-friendly main page, the program’s graphical user interface makes navigating through its functions a breeze even for novice non-technical users. The main page comes with a striking blue background behind three sections for Settings, Community and Computer functions with a left side column that displays any other active antivirus programs in your PC. The far right column shows a couple of bars that track your CPU and memory utilization. Needless to say, it has a slide out column to the far right to remind you that you can upgrade to a more featured paid version.

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