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Review ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall 2012

This is AllAboutCookies independent review of ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall 2012 edition.

The latest ZoneAlarm Antivirus from Check Point comes with a Firewall for its 2012 version, along with a totally revamped interface, enhanced protection features and a pre-installation scanning, all these at $59.95 direct for 3 licenses.

Scanning speed is impressive and performs excellent anti-phishing functionality and free credit monitoring. It has certainly gone a long way from its first security product launched in 2000.


The product performs competently in detecting and removing malware with most common infection situations using its new advance disinfection algorithm.

Its firewall solution is basic so if you need a more serious firewall, there are better dedicated solutions out there, but that’s understandable since this feature is just thrown in more like a freebie to the package.

And for that price, ZoneAlarm Antivirus 2012 goes beyond basic antivirus functionality to include backup and protection against rootkits, malware, worms, Trojans, and phishing as well as credit transaction monitoring. The program’s anti-malware protection uses Kaspersky technology integrated with its own cloud-based detection techniques.

ZoneAlarm performs a quick scan where there are potential malware infections, especially in newly installed app, saved or altered files. This is regularly done after making a more thorough deep scan that can take several minutes depending on the size of your hard disk content.

A full scan involves checking all programs, regular files, scripts, folders and archived files while subsequent quick scan only takes a couple of minutes.

With its newly developed advanced disinfection mode that kicks in with regular scan, ZoneAlarm detects entrenched virus and malware and automatically reboots at the end to complete the disinfection process.

Installation and Setup

Apart from the fact that installing the software is simple and straightforward, it does more. During a first time installation, the program’s new install scan feature allows you to perform detection and cleaning of malware that almost always interferes and frustrates normal antivirus installation.

ZoneAlarm then reboots to complete the installation on a clean slate. The program does not come with a bootable rescue CD though, in the event the reboot fails but you can use other rescue CDs in the market

User Interface

ZoneAlarm breaks out from previous versions with a revamped new look for 2012. Its main page sports an orange background, red and green graphs, and an oversized red Stop button with black and yellow diagonals. Three large panels that serve concurrently as buttons and information displays for controlling Internet, Computer, and Identity & Data protection divide the main window.

When each is protected, you get a green panel or button. It turns red when at risk and automatically prompts you to do what is necessary.

The redesign doesn't end with the main window. Its interface has been reworked to make using and navigating it through the inner pages the simplest and most user-friendly since the program started out in 2000. The details are still there for techies who want to play around but for average users, the new ZoneAlarm is certainly much friendlier than its predecessor.

The interface also gets changes under the hood to include a new pre-install scan and advanced disinfection that makes it an entirely brand new product with no links in its past versions.

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